Meghalaya: DMC withdraws NOC to SSA teacher for becoming Managing Committee president


TURA | SEPTEMBER  2, 2020:

Following complaints from several quarters, in-charge of District Mission Coordinator (DMC) RK Hajong, for SSA Schools, Dadenggre in West Garo Hills (WGH) has withdrawn the NOC given to an SSA school teacher to become the president of the School Managing Committee (SMC) of another school.

The school in question, Rajabala Deficit Secondary School (RDSS), had one Rashidur Islam, who is the assistant teacher of the Patranga SSA UP School, acting as the president of the SMC of the RDSS.

Earlier in 2018, a circular on the same issue had barred anyone with a government job from becoming an SMC member or heading one.

In a complaint made to the Sub Divisional School Education Officer (SDSEO) of WGH, the complainants raised objections over the NOC given by the Joint Director, DMC, Hajong, who had provided the NOC to the teacher to continue the dual post of SMC president as well his teaching profession. This led to the officer withdrawing the NOC given after he was provided with a copy of the earlier order of 2018 which barred anyone from holding dual roles as SMC president despite a government job.

The order of cancellation of the NOC given by Hajong was provided on August 31 to the complainants.

The complainants in their letter to the SDSEO have sought the immediate cancellation of the presidentship of Islam from the school.

"After we provided a copy of the order of 2018 to the joint DMC, he has withdrawn the NOC provided to the teacher. As such we seek the cancellation of the president post for Islam and the SMC members for willfully violating the orders given by the office of the SSA Mission Control," said the complainants.

They further sought a public meeting to be held upon the cancellation of the SMC led by Islam so that a new SMC can be constituted to run the school.


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