Health: Decode the secret to a healthy sleep on World Sleep Day



“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise,” and “Health is wealth,” are some popular quotes that could be synonymous with World Sleep Day on March 19.

Every year, people across the globe observe World Sleep Day on March 19. The day is of great significance as it reminds us of how important a good night’s sleep is for the wellbeing of an individual.

Whether at work or in class, good sleep is a must if one expects to take part and make the best of the day, and falling short of sleep could take a serious toll on one’s productivity.

Who started it?

A group of dedicated healthcare providers from the medical community started world Sleep Day to discuss and distribute sleep information to the masses.

It was first observed by Liborio Parrino, an Associate Professor of Neurology at the Parma University in Italy, and Antonio Culebras, a Professor of Neurology at the Upstate Medical University and Consultant at The Sleep Center in Community General Hospital, Syracuse, New York, USA.

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While most of us get carried away with various social, professional and personal obligations, we must consider that healthy sleeping habits are necessary if we want to lead healthy lives.

How to get a night of better sleep?

With many side effects that follow because of the lack of sleep, it is important to adhere to proper sleep habits that would enable you to start your day with positivity.

According to researchers, unhealthy daytime habits and lifestyle choices can affect one’s mood, stimuli, vitality, and body weight. Here are a few tips that could help cure sleeping disorders.

-Be in sync with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle.

-Control your exposure to light, because light makes us less sleepy.

-Exercise during the day.

-Maintain proper eating, drinking habits.

-Avoid cigarettes and coffee before bedtime.

-Learn how to curb your worries before sleep by practising a relaxing technique, taking a warm bath, or listening to soft music.

-Reduce the noise and keep the room cool. These steps could also slowly induce sleep.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep with this quote, “Close your eyes, and to wake up fresh tomorrow,” and in the words of British author Tom Hodgkinson, “When the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.”

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