Arunachal group urges govt to set up common war memorial for martyrs


PASIGHAT: The Adi Baane Kebang Women Wing (ABKWW), a social organisation of Arunachal Pradesh has urged the state government to establish a common war memorial for martyrs of Anglo Abor war, who sacrificed their lives during the Indian freedom struggle.

ABKWW on Friday visited the war memorials of martyrs -- Lt. Lutnyung Megu at Silluk village war memorial, late Borkeng Tayeng and late Kebo Tayeng at Abor Liireng (war memorial), Ayeng village, Lt. Ketong Perme, Lt. Kebang Perme and Lt. Mutling Perme at Miidu Lireng (war memorial) Yeling Yetek place in between Bodak and Raneghat here in East Siang district and Lt. Kengki Megu war memorial at Pimpu Dota place in between Padu and Damro village in Upper Siang District, Arunachal Pradesh.

"All the war heroes' memorials should be constructed in a common war memorial, with a war museum to display the war weapons, spears etc, used by freedom fighters during the Anglo Abor war to fight against the British occupation of Adi areas," ABKWW President Olen Megu Damin said.

Among the four Anglo Abor Wars namely Bitbor Mimak, Bongal Mimak, Mijom Mimak and Poju Mimak, the 3rd war Mijom Mimak (1893-94) was the most remarkable where Britishers led by APO Sadiya JF Needham along with his sepoys equipped with artilleries set on to Abor lands Bomjir, Dambuk, Silluk (Lukku), Mebo, Ayeng and set up a base camp near present Bodak village called “Yeling-Yetek”, a place where the hills and a plain area conjoins for an onward expedition to Damro village, the nerve and command centre of Padam Adis.

However, the tough resistance by the Abor warriors led to non-accomplishment of the mission of British rulers.

Their armed forces retreated from the upper land of Bor Abors after which no further attempts, were made to suppress the Bor Abors militarily.

The later expeditions were carried out in the form of diplomatic means allurement and economic sanctions till attainment of independence.

The Abors stood up against the might of the British at places like Bomjir, Dambuk (under Lower Dibang Valley district), Siluk, Mebo, Ayeng, Yeling Yetek (under Mebo Sub-Division, East Siang District), Pimpu-Dota on the left bank of Yamne River near Sijon located between Padu and Damroh villages (under Mariyang Sub-division in Upper Siang) Komsing and Kekar Monying places under Siang District.

"But despite such gallantry fighting and heroic deeds against Britishers by these martyrs, they have neither been recognised, nor any historians recorded their sacrifices and gallantry in their books for reason best known to them."

"Hence, it is the prerogative of the state government to get these war heroes of the state recognised by setting up a common War Memorial for all martyrs," they added.

(Edited by Gabriel G Momin)