You Must Believe You Can!



“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement”- Golda Meir.

Belief is an attitude, a point of view, the way you think about something. You form attitude through knowledge and experience. You can change your attitude if you motivate yourself to do so.

Do you think yourself as being unhappy most of the time, disorganised, unable to fulfil your dreams, always at the bottom of the ladder? It is very easy to let life get you down, to give up, for it takes more effort to be happy than to be sad. Becoming depressed and upset and giving in to feelings of despair are the simple things to do, for they require no action and no energy. But is that what you want from life? Are you happy that way? Of course not! We all want opportunity!

Opportunity starts with attitude and is everywhere if we will only create it. But your attitude must be positive if you are to create opportunity. In order to bring about a desirable attitude, here are a few strategies that can help you:

1.  Think positively about all things, including yourself: Psychologists have proven that negative thoughts destroy morale, creativity, zest for life, and limit one’s potential for development. They can even cause illness. Your success will be in direct proportion to the strength of your positive thoughts.

2.  Expect the best and always do the best you can: Constantly doing your best will make the best even better. This is a positive action.

3.   Focus on your goals constantly and visualise them as being fulfilled: Can you imagine a game of football being played without yard markers or goal lines? The team has to have an aim: to score a touchdown. The quarterback, if he is a leader, assumes that he is going to score (that is, imagines his goal fulfilled). He reads the defence and executes the game plan accordingly. If he sees the opportunity for the long pass, he takes it. But if the pass defence is tight, he grinds it yard by yard. But his goal is the same to score. In the same way, assume you will succeed and always keep your eye on the goal. And take the best route to reach that goal.

4.   Look into the mirror each morning and say something nice to yourself: We have all made mistakes at one point of time be it in making wrong choices relating to friendships, relationships, careers and so on but we should never forget that it is only through mistakes that we learn and grow. Do not be hard on yourself. Remember to look at yourself in the mirror and say something nice that will help you build your self confidence.

5.   Look forward: Yesterday has gone; so have all its problems. Today is new and full of opportunities and miracles, if you will but look for them.

6.   Be willing to pay the price to achieve your goals: You can do anything you honestly aspire to and are willing to work for.

7.   Above all else, believe in yourself: Believe that whatever you want, you can bring that about. With a positive attitude, you can open the door of opportunity.

Suggesting a simple activity that you can practise to help you believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything that you put your mind in to.

Take a piece of paper and write three (3) things that you have achieved and proud of. These can be awards you have won, races you have participated in, perhaps something community- driven that you have helped or initiated, or even your fight against illness. No one should be able to take these achievements away from you.

Make copies of this and stick them everywhere. You can even make it your display image on your mobile. Every time you read it, remind yourself that despite many factors that could have prevented this, you rose above them all and achieved this. This list is going to serve as a reminder of how awesome you are. It’s going to remind you that you have phenomenal strength and courage and no matter what life may throw at you, you have what it takes to overcome and achieve it.

Thus, no one but you can make you believe in yourself: others can help, but you are the only one who can bring this about. Belief in oneself is a step forward towards your success. Regardless of your education or station in life, your attitude about yourself can be totally positive only if you believe in yourself and believe that you can.

(Ignyte Talent Consultancy)