Strive to achieve your goals, not deadlines!


(Ignyte Talent Consultancy)

“Everything takes time. You have to love the journey and the process.”- Benson Henderson.

Anything that has a goal, and a deadline is a process and processes take time.

Often, when you have an idea in your mind, and also a time frame of when the ultimate milestone is going to be moved, the first step to success will start. This mostly happens when we are motivated to see the outcome of the idea.

The road to success begins with the courage to take the first step of action. Merely processing or developing an idea in the mind alone will not miraculously produce success unless one takes action!

Many a time when you start on something having set deadlines instead of goals, and when these deadlines no longer seem realistic, you feel burnt out… sometimes even to the point of wanting to give up. This can happen even before you have had a taste of the success that you worked very hard to achieve, albeit for a short time.

The problem here is not the ambition. Ambition is actually what you need, but being too ambitious with the deadline is the problem.

You should be careful not to put all your mental energy into finishing a task within a certain time frame. Instead, you should focus on finishing the task – period! The goal is not to get the job done quickly, but to accomplish the task that gets you in line to achieving your goals.

If you are interested in knowing when you’ll start earning the fruits of your hard work, you would be better off talking to an expert who has already walked through the journey. This way you will manage to set up realistic expectations rather than ambitious deadlines.

One of the biggest mistakes one can make is to get frustrated when things wouldn’t manifest as quickly as you would like. You will work incredibly hard, and only a few results would come out. So, you would work even harder and results would still trickle in.

You would burn yourself out trying to speed up a timeline that already had its own pace. Trying to run a marathon as if it were a sprint is wrong.

When you run a marathon, you need the motivation to get started and go the distance. But you need to have the patience to not burn yourself out early on. Sprinters won’t last three miles, never mind the full twenty-six.

You should be keen to keep yourself motivated towards your goals. If you want to achieve a certain amount of success, you should break that success into smaller goals.

If your goal is to make ₹ 100/-, try to make ₹20/- at first. Then make ₹40/- as you go on and later on you will be able to achieve your long-term goal.

Finally, learn to enjoy the journey. Knowing beforehand that the process will take quite some time will help you enjoy the time it takes for you to get there.

You will be able to focus on the road instead of the destination and that way you will be able to enjoy the scenery and appreciate where you are at that particular time. Evaluate your successes and failures, taking a step at a time towards your destination.

(Edited by Christopher Gatphoh)