How to ease your COVID-19 anxiety and make most of your time?


COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted economies and destabilised societies around the globe, and that it is of utmost importance to contain the spread of this disease. In these times of uncertainty, it is necessary that we contain our anxiety and rather make the most of this time to improve on our skills or learn a new one.

Ways to reduce your anxiety amid the COVID-19 outbreak:

With news being shared through different media channels, it is easy for people to be misled. Look for the facts, as anxiety will escalate if people are misinformed. Too much information can be a scary thing, thus it becomes important to follow the updates by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other reliable channels. Taking a break from reading, watching or listening to news constantly will help you calm down.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, and this adage can never be outdated. It is important for all of us to keep ourselves healthy in order to build our immunity against this outbreak. Any form of exercise will help you remain active and prevent you from feeling lazy. Similarly, meditation is an exercise for your mind, and it helps you fight against the fear and anxiety.

It is equally important to get adequate sleep. Sleeping late means a lower quality of sleep, which hurts your schedule. A regulated sleeping pattern is essential. Attempt to eat healthy; fruits and vegetables should be a major part of your meals as they provide the essential vitamins and nutrients that your body requires building a strong immunity. Avoid consuming too much caffeine as it directly stimulates anxiety.

Working or studying from home might sound exciting, but it requires a structure as well. As this change seems inevitable for the coming weeks, it would be in your best interest to follow a new routine.

A few steps to create a routine:

  • Plan your day ahead of time

  • List down the activities to be done

  • Allot time to each activity

  • Keep updating your schedule as and when you complete a certain task

Following a routine will ensure that you are using your time effectively, and you won’t be anxious about your work or studies. We are already suffering from a pandemic, do not allow fear and anxiety to make the situation worse. You must have surely complained about not having the time to enrol for an online course, learn a foreign language, or gain an in-demand skill. Well, now is the time to make things right.

We have curated a list of things you can do from the comfort of your home making judicious and effective use of your time.

Be it your love for literature or your fascination with the complex domain of psychology, you can explore several courses that are available online. These courses are being offered by leading universities in the world and conducted by distinguished faculty. Learning was never as convenient! In order to pick a course, reflect on your current skill level and aspirations.

The following are popular online learning platforms:

o    Coursera

o    edX

o    Class Central

o    Udemy

This is an opportunity for you to nurture your creative side. Be it your love for art, cooking or music, you have ample time to improve your creative skills! You may also consider starting a YouTube channel to showcase your skill to the world. Leveraging interactive digital platforms, this is a splendid chance for you to socialise and create a network of like-minded people.

The repetition of your tedious schedules might overwhelm you sitting at home, the COVID-19 outbreak is reminding us to be patient. Finding joy in the simple moments of life can be your take away from this, and you may seize the day by acquiring a new skill sitting at home.

A few applications or websites to search for online lessons are:

o    Skillshare

o    LearnSmart

o    Pluralsight

o    AdobeTV

o    Canva

We learn best when we teach others. I am certain that each one of us has a unique skill or talent in a certain discipline, then why should we keep it to ourselves when we can help others improve their knowledge. If you have ever thought about teaching but never had the chance to do it, this is the perfect opportunity for you to embark on this satisfying venture. Create an education channel or upload webinars on any of the several platforms available to reach out to the relevant audiences.

Having your own website is an intriguing idea, but you might have given up on this complex endeavour! Well, it really isn’t. Platforms such as WordPress or Wix, you can create elegant websites with ease. Be it your personal profile or for a small venture you were considering for so long, the only thing to do is to try.

Writing is one of the most important elements of communication. There is always that freedom of expression that writing brings to us. All of us may not be talented writers, but that should not stop us from writing and sharing our opinions. Blogging is our way out. Have a recommendation or an opinion to share? Now you have got all the time in the world to start your own blog. From talking about food, travel, ambitions or problems, there is so much you can convey with your blogs. You need to blog to make those voices in your head go away, and in these times characterised by fear and anxiety, that seems like a viable choice.

Blogging sites to help you get started:

  • WordPress

  • Wix

  • Joomla

  • Medium

  • Ghost

  • Squarespace

  • Weebly

The literary legend Shakespeare is said to have written ‘King of Lear’ in quarantine. Sir Isaac Newton, too, established the foundations for his laws of motion in quarantine. Now, it is your chance to hit the ground running and make the most of your time!

(Ignyte Talent Consultancy)