You surely don’t know about the ‘Peter Wahlang Calendar’


SHILLONG: What could be termed as a work of a 'genius', a Calendar developed for 300 years , the first of its kind in the entire world is credited to Shillong's very own, (L) Peter Wahlang, an intellectual who proved the outstanding ability of his work with the release of this forgotten calendar way back in 1959.

This 'Peter Wahlang Calendar (from 1800 to 2100) developed by Peter Wahlang, who was also the former Headmaster of the Khasi Pnar Academy School, Shilllong presently known as DNS Wahlang, Secondary School, Shillong, was  kept hidden in the shelves since the time it released in 1959 at a price of Rs 0.50.

After rusting in the shelves for many year, this work considered by many as a 'work of a genius' finally fell into the hands of Maitshaphrang leader Michael Syiem who immediately forwarded a report of the same for justification to the Department of Mathematics, Kutztown University in Pennsylvania, USA.

Responding to the same, a professor of this university, Dr. Amadou B. Guisse said that her findings revealed that the original calendar developed by Late Peter Wahlang is unique and no such calendar has been developed before.

Comparing the calendar developed by Wahlang to the mathematical formulation and to the existing algorithms, Dr Guisse said that this calendar proves its uniqueness and its originality. She observed that it is evident that Wahlang's calendar does not follow the linear formula of the Gregorian perpetual calendar.

It was informed that the 300 years calendar invented by Wahlang is interesting in its own way. While it deviates from the variations of the Gregorian formula, this unique calendar shows no signs of conflicts in respect to the Leap Year and the model was design without a flaw.

This calendar was once again made public with the intervention of Michael Syiem who realised the genius piece of work developed by none other than a scholar from Shillong, the same of which was long forgotten until today when the same was re-released by state lawyer Alistair Diengdoh, in the presence of Wahlang's family members at Seminar Hall, State Central Library, Shillong.

According to Michael Syiem, the Maitshaphrang Movement will take it upon themselves the responsibility to acknowledge Wahlang's unique contribution to the society by constituting an award in his name as a mark of respect.

(TNT News)