“We do not want Meghalaya to bleed”, voice Meghalaya citizens against brutal Williamnagar killings


TNT News | Shillong, February 20, 2018

"We do not want Meghalaya to bleed", thus echoed the voices of the people of Meghalaya in unison as they stood together to voice against the brutal killing of NCP candidate from Williamnagar Jonathone N Sangma along with 4 others in an IED blast on February 18 ahead of elections scheduled on February 27.

A candle light vigil was organized to pay tribute to the victims of the IED blast at Williamnagar who were killed by assailants on February 18. The incident sparked anger and condemnation from all sections of society who condemned the heinous and barbaric act. People, especially youth turned out in large numbers to voice against the act, actively taking part in signature campaign as well as voicing out their opinion against the barbaric act that was one its kind witnessed by Garo Hills.

Speaking to TNT- The Northeast Today News, Steward Momin, a resident of Laban said, " I think it is a crime. Infringement against one's political rights. I do not know whether it can be termed as a political or personal grudge. this barbaric incident shows there is a threat to our right as civilians as well as free exercise of our franchise. Those involved in this heinous crime should be punished. We demand an investigation to find out whether there is any involvement of militia-politico nexus behind the murder".

Amsrang Momin, resident of Damas, NGH said, "Wiping out militancy will not help if the root of the crime is political. The problem lies due to the lack of education. Poeple need to raise awareness on education so that youth can be prevented from going astray. What has happened is very sad and I feel that the root of this crime is money. We condemn this incident. We want peace!"

CSWO president and RTI activist, Agnes Kharshiing said, "We condemn the brutal killing and such terrorizing activities in the state should be stop. We should not let Meghalaya bleed and we want the truth at any cost".

Angela Rangad said, "It is so sad. Something like this has never happened before, really sad incident. Hope that this will be the first and last of its kind. We condemn any kind forces which are trying to create instability. Garo Hills is resilient and the big question here is, 'Who are trying to create instability'? Is this about political rivalry? We want to get to the bottom of this!"

Saljrang Momin says, "As a concerned citizen, my  message to the people, they should be wise enough to choose their representatives and stop living on easy money. Blame game is everywhere but we do not want to play this game".

Clearly, the people are definitely not going to keep calm until the guilty is brought to punish before the law!