Was India Right by Slamming Nepal at the UN ?We think otherwise …

The People of Madhesh feel that Kathmandu are not treating them at par with others in Nepal

In what maybe a clear sign between the souring relations between India and Nepal , the Indian government has slammed the Nepalese administration at the UN .

India has made its case at the universal periodic review at the human rights council in Geneva, which is reviewing Nepal's record. It noted the 'violence and instability' in parts of Nepal. "Over 45 persons died, mostly civilians, and hundreds injured. Firings, which had ceased just after the adoption of the Constitution, have reoccurred."
India added that 'We note the concerns expressed by UN human rights bodies, UN Country Team and Nepal's own Human Rights Commission over continuing incidents of violence, extra-judicial killings and ethnic discrimination in the country."
With India raising another country issue at the UN it has been seen as a departure as the country is itself very 'touchy' on any comment raised by its neighbours especially on Kashmir and Northeast Of India.Many eminent Nepalese journalists have also raised issue on human rights violations of Nepalese community in India particularly the Northeast adding that they always dealt with such matters bilaterally and never took these issues to United nations.

For years host of Human Rights groups have been speaking of basic violations of people from the Northeast and Kashmir but Nepal has always remained on India's side ,this act of India is bound to see Nepal hardening its stance in the future.

Last year during Modi's visit there was huge expectation of renewal of friendship between India and Nepal but this has now become a thing of the past.Today there are effigies being burnt of the Indian Prime Minister in the streets of Kathmandu.

Modi unlike last year is quite the disliked personality in Nepal after the blockade being seen by many as inaction by the indian government

Noted writer and political commentator Prashant Jha stated that'The Indian statement in Geneva is a big big development. Willingness to use an international platform to flag extra judicial killings, ethnic discrimination, lack of political progress in a neighbouring state is very very unusual in Indian diplomacy.
In a first, it has also spoken of transitional justice and flagged the need for full implementation of TRC reccos – including prosecution of those responsible for the violent insurgency.
Many people should be worried today in Kathmandu. For too long, India has shielded too many criminals' he was most likely referring to the Maoist's who were once given support from the Indian side during the insurgency days in Nepal.

The statement by India what is considered as a  first of its kind , it has recommended to Nepal 'to ensure the effective functioning of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and full implementation of its recommendations, including prosecution of those responsible for violent insurgency'.
This is a direct message to the Nepali Maoists that Delhi will not shield its crimes during the past.

Nepal, represented by its deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister Kamal Thapa, raised the issue of obstruction of supplies from across the border.It is well known that the Government of India has done practically nothing to prevent the protestors from ensuring free flow of essential supplies to Nepal.

With Nepal making its strategical shift towards China,it does look like India is finally playing a role it has often been accused of 'the Big Brother'.However this time unlike the past Nepal has its options open.Many in Nepal as well as in India think that this souring of relation will just ensure Nepal till recently the only Hindu Kingdom in the world tilts away from India under the BJP led government.