Want to escape adversity? Headphones to the rescue!


If you are reading this, there is a huge probability that you are wearing headphones or you're just about to reach for them. You're probably thinking, "How can a pair of headphones have a global impact? That too, without any bloodshed? Truly unique."

Here's why:  To walk into a college campus or share a cab or even an office place is to walk into an ambience with a dozen songs playing simultaneously but to hear none of them. It's not a secret anymore, everyone owns a pair of headphones, and everyone wants privacy (Like we want privacy when nature calls). A song is our personal friend and we want no interference when we are emotionally attached to it.

In 1910, the Radio Division of the US Navy received a letter from Salt Lake City written in purple ink on blue and pink paper. It was about the creation of sound from electric signals. HeadphonesThe Navy asked him for a sound test; what happened next was what we have now, headphones.


According to a survey, music makes us happier or sadder at times, we're better at concentrating and we become more productive with our work (for instance, while writing this article).

Music affects our mood, depending on the type of music we listen to. It can also be therapy for insomnia because hearing the same tune and lyric throughout the night is like sitting for history classes in the desert for three hours straight.

A Taiwanese study linked music with lyrics to lower scores on concentration tests for college students. It shows that music with words scrambles our brain's verbal processing skills. Most of you will agree on this, we listen to music with the use of headphones/earphones as a rustication process or to escape reality. When we listen to our favourite songs we depict stories in our head.


Music as enumerated above affects our mood. It can swiftly change the way we feel from being joyful to being depressed. And having said that, Shakespeare was right when he wrote "If music be the food of love, play on"- Twelfth Night. Don't we all do that? We listen to all the cheesy songs which will help us think about the one and only person we have an eye on? We get hyper at the thought of the person or we can get depressed because we're unnoticeable to them. This is substantially evident, now do not say no, yes you, the one reading this, you do this every night! (It's not a crime)

But music is also helpful when we have none to share stories with, music is a therapy for another problem we humans go through in daily life, a sense of loneliness, we've all been there and we know that music is the cure. And most importantly it accompanies joggers, fitness freaks and gym maniacs.

Feeling angry? Heavy music and spiteful lyrics is one way to let it out. Now with all that being said, all our emotions, the way we feel as described in this article are all given an up in dosage. When we put on our headphones, it's like you're drinking your favourite drink or eating your favourite dish.

Headphones gives us  absolute power over our environment, it helps us keep our thoughts private in crowded places because our brain is only processing  our emotions, we become blind because we do not bother to notice anyone passing by, this is the outcome of what music does to us, it relaxes us.

Students can provide the best answers when they listen to music with their headphones to remain focused and finish up with problems at hand. (Assignment deadline the next morning).

Headphones may be an object but it is an object that gives us time to ourselves. In a world full of violence and animosity, a single headphone can help us create an invisible barrier that separates or rather sedates us to get away from it all.

(By Mebanaibor Nengnong)

Featured Image: www.aliexpress.com