Video : Who will Ban the Ban


Today there is a raging debate on what is right and who is Indian and who should not be one.Whether it is a Beef Ban or tweeting Bombay instead of Mumbai there is a discussion if certain elements in the government of the day have taken things too far.Have we become too sensitive that if a person does not stand up to the national anthem in a movie hall then he gets hounded out of the hall and told to go to Pakistan.Should the censor board start telling us what to watch and even now dictate how Bond films should be ? Should we feel that a documentary on the Nirbhaya rape case be banned as it would embarrass India abroad ?

Will a stand up comedian be arrested for mimicking  a Guru turned film actor Baba Ram Rahim ?

Should a top governor from a Northeast condemn a ghazal singer and connect this performance  in Kolkata with the riots in 1950 ?

Read Tripura governor makes controversial remark recalling 1950 Barisal massacre

This lovely video is an indicative of the times we live in today – watch this lovely documentary before it gets banned