Tripura:Sudip Roy Barman Joins Trinamool,was it ideology or politics of connivence ?


"Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. 
Unsuccessful people are always asking, "What's in it for me?" 

As national TV channels follow a 'trend' these days it is not surprising that suddenly Tripura has become the 'hot topic' for the day( it maybe just for the day).

The departure of Sudip Roy Barman and his Fellow MLA's from the Congress is nothing new to what has been happening in the part for the last three months,it is just that much like tv journalism today certain reporters 'React'  rather than follow through with a story.

But much like Chattisgarh where father and son duo have been at the helm of power in the Congress since the inception of the state and even before that in Tripura the Barman family has been almost central in all decision making of the Congress for the last four decades.

'The grievances addressed by Sudip are not related to Tripura but West Bengal and his leaving the party was timed by the victory of the Trinamool in West Bengal' says working Congress president Pradyot Manikya Deb Barma adding further that the former CLP leader was looking for an excuse for a way out and he got that when the Congress lost in Assam and West Bengal.

Another senior leader in the Congress added that 'Sudip was no Himanta Biswa Sarma' to be a factor adding that the former leader was virtually incharge of the party for over a decade and a proven failure unlike 'HBS'.

It maybe recalled that the first Janata party government was installed in Tripura during 1978 when Sudip Roy Barman's father and former Chief Minister Samir Barman had played an instrumental part in that formation.

In 1992 a popular leader Sudhir Mazumdar and then the sitting Chief Minister was toppled by Samir Barman .

For the son who has virtually remote controlled the Congress party as a Former Youth Congress President,PCC President and CLP Leader in the last 20 years leaving the party was nothing new.Way back in 2003 there were talks of him joining the TMC though he denies this report and stated that this was a malicious rumour started by his opponents within the party.

The results in 2013 was a bitter blow to the Congress and removal of replacing the Now Trnamool Chief by the Congress for Sudip Barman proved costly.The Congress riddled in faction politics got routed in the Assembly polls.

The result ended with Surajit Datta a 5 time MLA leaving the Congress to join Trinamool as a sign of dissension against the Barman's.Today the circle has been completed and it is speculated that TMC chief will most likely quit the party with Barman joining the TMC.

The future of anti left political parties are now in organising themselves and getting their act together.The first priority of any part must be to realise that Tripura and West Bengal are two different states and the people don't change their preference of a party just because another states chooses otherwise.

Outsourcing leadership is another big challenge to the opposition as these leaders are the same tainted politicians which were being targeted being in a secret alliance with the left till recently.

BJP for their part have been clever in realising this bluff of the suspended leaders from the Congress and realise that Sudip Barman is no Himanta Biswa Sarma.

For the Congress it is time to groom fresh faces beyond the so called Agartala leadership and realise that alliances with INPT and IPFT will help them consolidate traditional left vote bases.

For Trinamool it looks like theirs is a victory to savour in the Short term ……..but then this is not the first time they have failed in importing leaders into their party.Remember they did have quite a few MLA's in Manipur and Arunachal only to bite dust.

In the Left ruled state of Tripura organisation matter and more so credibility.Something Trinamool may have lost with the inclusion of the Barmans and the Hrangkhawl's.