Tripura:Manik Sarkar says Tipraland impossible,criticises Maharaja’s again


On the 19th of January the hashtag #KokBorokDay trended at 9 nationally in twitter as well in Facebook.Largely due to the efforts on the few the native tongue of the Tiprasa people were highlighted.It was well understood everyone who supported this came from different strata of live irrespective of their political affiliations.


But Manik Sarkar it seems views  this from a skewed view altogether even as The Tripura Chief Minister Manik Sarkar accused a section of the tribal middle class for their indifferent attitude that is blocking the development of their mother tongue 'Kokborok' and also for fomenting demands like separate State. "Their attitude is self defeating," he said. His target was those whom he thought support the idea of a Tipraland,a state meant for the indigenous natives of the state .

It seems like celebrating kokborokday has become a debate on a separate statehood or so it appears to Manik Sarkar.

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Manik sarkar also  criticized the Maharaja's who ruled the State for 1300 years and this time around he has clearly hinted that the present scion of the ruling family Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barma is siding a bit too much with the tribal parties. Sources close to Manik Sarkar indicate that the closeness of the young 'maharaja' to regional leaders of IPFT and INPT is something which is worrisome to the Chief Minister which would like to have an alliance with the Congress in West Bengal.Any such talk of alliances in Tripura would surely ensure that the congress party of which Pradyot is the working president will either break up or stall these talks with the left.

Leaders like Birajit Sinha Pcc  President ,Pradyot Manikya, working president and Ashish Saha President working of the Congress  are completely against the LEFT and this group will not allow the congress to work with the Communists in Tripura

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Reacting to Manik Sarkar's statement Pradyot Manikya De Barma said that the chief minister has become like old recorded player and keeps on repeating the same old things. 'lets have an open de-

The Royal scion Pradyot Manikya has a good relationship with both INPT ChiefBK Hrangkhawl (seen here )and the IPFT leader NC Debbarma

-bate on why Kokborok has been ignored under successive rules and even under the Congress 'Pradyot retaliated adding further why should the Kok Borok script remain in Bengali aren't there languages like the Roman script or the Devanagari script (which the Bodo's use )for us to learn from .

Rajeshwar Debbarma has openly criticised the CM for his attitude towards tribals

Speaking on this occasion Rajeshwar DebBarma ex MLA and a leader in IPFT also expressed his concern towards the statement made by Manik Sarkar 'the Cm has never had a single good thing to say about the maharajas or parties like IPFT because inherently he is hateful towards the indigenous people Rajeshwar adds.

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Manik Sarkar who has been at the chair for almost 17 years has a unique love hate relationship amongst the Tribal communities in Tripura .He successfully has managed to end Tribal insurgency from the state by going after the insurgents with brute force and hot pursuit into Bangladesh as ofter claimed state police.On the other hands by playing the role of the protector of the Bengali population (many who came into India during the atrocities of hindu bengalese in East Pakistan then and now Bangladesh).

This recent statement by Manik Sarkar will have a major impact on his parties fortunes in the coming month to play with emotions running high on both sides.

the condition of the tribals in tripura continues to be below state average

As the royal scion Pradyot Manikya aptly put it in context 'Manik Sarkar inherently wants to stay as the CM forever like the erstwhile kings  but this cannot be done when he has personal hatred against a community .A leaders should have no bias and should serve all equally and statistics and data prove that Manik Sarkar has done much lesser work in the Tribal areas