Tripura: Fans destroy property after Ameesha Patel and Zubeen Garg fail to turn up


Even as 3000 thousand people gathered to see their favourite stars and political leaders made a beeline with their family to listen to their chart topping bollywood songs they were in for a huge disappointment .

Amisha Patel and Zubeen Garg who were shown as star attractions for the show at the Local Oriental Club golden jubilee celebration did not fail to turn up -they were not even contacted for the show but the perception that these stars would turn up ensured that people payed for tickets to see these stars .

However the some local and a few artists from Kolkata performed on the stage before a crowd of an estimated 3000 people. Trouble started when people realised they were deceived in name of cine starts and began damaging properties.

Security personnel resorted to baton charge to control the irate mob at a stadium in Belonia, headquarters of South Tripura district on Saturday night.

Local Oriental Club orgnaised the musical night to mark its golden jubilee celebration. The club sold tickets ranging from Rs. 1500 to various rates for the show to be performed by Ameesha Patel and Zubeen Garg.

Local political leaders and senior civil and police officials of the district who came to see the programme along with family members left the venue before situation got worse. Police did not take action against the organisers who duped people using name of Ameesha Patel and Zubeen Garg.

It is stated that the Oriental Club did not secure proper permission from the district administration and even did not clear entertainment tax mandatory for such programme. They added Ameesha Patel and Zubeen Garg were not contacted and contracted out for stage appearance and performance.