Tripura:Did the State Govt go ‘easy’ on the ATTF chief Ranjit Debbarma’s case ?


In what maybe seen as a shocking lapse on the part of the Tripura state police the state has failed to nail the ATTF chief on as many as 13 charges including that of Mass Killing,abduction and Arms act.

Satyabrata Dutta ,the additional judge has acquitted the ATTF Supremo of all charges .It also maybe mentioned that CPI(M) MLA Pranab Debbarma had himself accused the group of kidnapping him.

Considered as one of the most dreaded outfits in the early nineties till the early 2000s ATTF had massacred hundreds of people in the state.
Ranjit had been pushed back by Bangladesh authorities on January 23 2013 and was arrested by BSF and handed over to police.Despite the national security act (NASA)  being applied to him after arrest the state was unable to prove any charges. 'Nothing could be proved by police against Ranjit , so he was acquitted ; in court what counts is proof and evidence and prosecution did not have this ; the NASA will also be withdrawn and he will walk free soon' said Ranjit Debbarma's lawyers.

While many are blaming the state for its incompetence to file a watertight case against the insurgent leader,there are alleged murmurs that the state may have an go 'easy' approach on the supremo.

The state still has a chance to appeal against the judgement and its is possible that public outrage may compel them to do so at a higher court .