Tripura:Controversial Governor says Muslims should eat Pork


The Governor of Tripura is known for his over the top statements but even by his normal outburst the recent statement by him on Muslim's eating Pork is bound to outrage even the most patient critics of the person who is supposed to uphold constitutional integrity in the Northeastern state.

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In one of the more controversial and communal statements made in the debate on intolerance in India, Tripura Governor and former president of the Bengal BJP Tathagata Roy has said that the fight against intolerance will only be balanced when Muslims have pork in the open.As we all know consumption of the meat is banned in Islam.

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Tripura itself has a significant Muslim population which has been living in the state since before the merger of the erstwhile kingdom to the Indian Dominion in 1949.

"People have the right to eat what they want but the scales would be even when Muslims come out and have pork in the open. And that day, we can really call it war against intolerance," Roy said in an interview to a media.

On being asked what he thought about the emergence of a 'secular Grand Alliance' in Bihar, Roy gave a vague answer and said that he does not accept the definition of the word 'secular'.Earlier in one his tweets the Governor had stated that he was not a secular person but a hindu .Earlier Birajit Sinha the Tripura Congress president had said that the BJP's game was over after the Bihar Debacle.

Roy is infamous for his communal remarks. He had earlier said that many of the people present at the funeral of Mumbai blasts convict Yakub Memon after he was hanged were "potential terrorists".

"Intelligence should keep a tab on all (except relatives and friends) who assembled before Memon's corpse. Many are potential terrorists," Roy had tweeted.

Later, Roy, while responding to questions, had said that he had excluded Memon's relatives and friends. "Why did others come to see a man who was hanged? They must have sympathy for him," he had said.

In another tweet, the governor had said, "It is my constitutional duty to bring matter of public interests to public notice. My position as governor is not thereby compromised."

Facing criticism that he appeared to target a particular community, Roy had defended his tweet with another post, "When I suggested intelligence keeping a tab, I mentioned no community."

Roy had been appointed as Tripura Governor in May. He had previously posted controversial tweets on Gujarat riots, 'love jihad' and the Hindu population.