Tripura:Over 1,60,707 Tribals remain unemployed under honest Manik Sarkar


Manik Sarkar enjoys a great image all over India as one of the poorest Chief Minister in the country and this fact has been highlighted in media time after time again .

But the record of his government has some shocking figures in terms of growth and development .

However for a state which champions itself as the government of the masses the unemployment figures are abysmal .The communist who have been in power for the last two and half decades will have some serious answering to do and this time it is their own state government figures which put them in red literally.
A government record stated that a total of 1916 who had enrolled their names in the Employment Exchange office, have lost their eligibility of getting government jobs for becoming over- age.

poor health,education and infrastructure is the key reason for alienation of the Tribals (in pic are the Reang community)

This is not something new as even previously in 2013, a total number 2840 youths crossed the upper age limit required to get government job.
In 2013-14, only 586 youths got government job and in 2014-15 Financial Year, a total of 706 youths were provided jobs.
A total of 6 lakh 88 thousand and 330 unemployed youths were registered till November last year.
Record of Employment Exchange office confirmed that among the unemployed youths, 3,475 are engineer graduates, 10,026 are master degree graduates, 49,026 are graduates, 74,255 are under-graduate candidates, 2,05,349 are Madhyamik candidates and 3,15,186 candidates are below Madhyamik qualification.

The Tribal Population of Tripura is largely hit and despite claims of the CPI(M) that they have the best interest of the indigenous people there is a shocking  1, 60,707 are Scheduled Tribe who remain unemployed candidates.

It maybe mentioned that Manik Sarkar blames unemployment amongst the tribals as the main reason for insurgency but state governments own figures indicate that tribals remain marginalised in a state where they once ruled .

But the narrative for Tripura especially amongst the national media Remains how poor Manik Sarkar is and how his wife travels in a rickshaw (though despite repeated reference of this there has been no photographic evidence that she still uses the rickshaw to go to market for years) ? Perhaps time for the media to get over the obsession with the Chief Minister and actually realise it is not just the Chief Minister who remains poor but the whole state along with him .