This Village in Nagaland has zero drinking water,will the government do something ?


Northeast of India is blessed with plenty of rainfall and an abundance of greenery .Over the years though there have been signs that all is not well in certain parts o the region .

Kangtsung village,which is in Tuli subdivision of Mokokchung District in Nagaland has a population of around 1500 people and yet they have to walk two kilometres every day to a spring to get them drinking water  .

Oram , the Tribal affairs minister in the Centre has visited this village this year

Despite the distance what really is a cause of concern is the pathway to the spring is slippery, rugged and invested with leeches and fetching water during odd hours for women and children is at risk.

It a tough life for the people and they have asked the state government to help them out .

'Its been years and we need help from the government ' says a village elder from Kangtsung adding that drinking water is a major concern for his household.

Faced with acute water shortage during dry seasons, an innovative idea came up. The villagers decided to harvest water from a church which stands atop of the village but they still need pumps to ensure that the water reaches homes or atleast a place where the villagers can collect water from .

' I appeal to NGOs and government agencies to install a pumping machine. If it happens, then the water problem in our village would be solved," Kangtsung village's chairman, T Meren Longkumer says.

Will the Nagaland Government do the needful or even after years of it getting a statehood will the people of this village depend on NGO's and Church to do what their elected government is supposed to do ?

Or is this a bit too much to ask ?