The ‘sticky’ jam of Shillong


As we pass through the years the number of students in Shillong, which is a hub for educational institutions, are seemingly increasing, be it in school or colleges. The town is also an important centre where trade and commerce activities are prevailing as it connects other Northeastern region.

With schools and colleges resuming, traffic congestion is at its worst, making it difficult for people to reach their destination on time. The roads in every nook and corner are packed with cars. It's not always a pleasant experience for anyone who drive their car during the busy hour of the day where everyone is trying their best to drive their kids to school and rush back to their workplace on time.

The result, we not only witness long lined up cars but would often hear people complaining that Shillong roads are too small and the number of cars are increasing, leaving a question to the authority concerned if there's any solution to this problem? The major traffic congestions are witnessed all over the city especially in those areas where educational institutions are located.

It's frustrating and a nightmare for some vehicle owners to find a parking space but what is more concerning is the safety for a pedestrian, the problem that he has to face, where he hardly finds a footpath to walk safely without any fear that he may be hit by a speeding car plying the road and drivers squeezing their cars in any free lane they would find to pass through the traffic and as a result there are hardly any space left for a passerby. Let's not ignore the fact that Shillong is not a planned city, be it construction of buildings or the road connectivity. It still lacks behind other cities when compared. We have large building constructions while there is no parking space alloted, many confusing road junctions but no proper footpaths.  Yet, we say we are still striving towards better development.

Shillong, which was once a peaceful and quite town, it has turned today into a crowded city. It's a race against time and no one has time to wait and everybody is in a rush. It was once upon a time when people would take the road to reach their destination without any hurry but with the current lifestyle scenario we are witnessing big transformation; one may say it's a sign of progression that we are witnessing.

As the saying goes – 'Time changes everything', and yes with time Shillong has changed in many ways but not the roads, it stays the same as it was before and the worst part is there is no space left to expand them as it will destroy another man's property, this shows the lack of planning right from the beginning of construction.

The Government has tried every possible means to cater to the problems of traffic jams but it still fails to meet the requirements of the people. Many ideas have poured in, many suggestions were made and as we know Meghalaya is also a place that attracts tourists from all over the world but it's a shame when we see the deplorable road conditions in the city and the state at large. As years are yet to pass, we will still be hanging on with the present situation as we hope for the best to come.

Shynna Lyngdoh Mawphlang