Shooting in Arunachal Pradesh was uncomfortable says Kangana Ranaut,upsets many locals


In what may seem like a typical filmi reaction Kangana Ranaut has opened up a can of worms about her shooting in Arunachal pradesh for her upcoming movie Rangoon .

Kangana Ranut in a interview stated that she has to change her costumes and even relive herself behind rocks,stones and boulders as there was no facilities in the shooting locales in Arunachal Pradesh for the movie Rangoon .

She said, "For Rangoon, we were taken to remote valleys in Arunachal Pradesh. There were literally no villages, nothing, not even restrooms. I was peeing behind rocks and changing behind rocks. My own people would just cover me. Everyone was – so was Shahid. There was nothing, so what do you do?"

Her innocuous statement may have been to show how tough and gritty she is but the truth is that such utterances have made quite a few people upset in the scenic state of Arunachal Pradesh.

'The state government provided all facilities and infact even the villagers opened up their homes for the stars ' says C Bamang , a local who assisted the Rangoon team during the shoot  adding that he did not recollect any such incident during the making of the film.

'To suggest that there were no proper facilities in Arunachal Pradesh for the shoot is absolutely wrong ' says G Karlo stating that no other stars had any complains and were delighted by the hospitable nature of the Arunachalees.

Film critics state these comments from Kangana Ranaut as publicity stunts to remain in the news and also portray to the world how tough and amiable she is . During shooting of movies such as LOC Kargil,Lakshya many such facilities were not there as well but most stars understood that and continued with their work.

Rangoon is also a war film based on the second world war and stars actors like Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.

When it comes to Northeast and especially Arunachal pradesh which is trying hard to promote tourism statements like these by a popular bollywood actress give a sense that the state and region are backward and have very poor facilities.

She may not have tried to do this intentionally but her statements di highlight the condition of the state of Arunachal in poor light says one district official.