Shocking Karim Benzema Arrested in Sex Tape Blackmailing case


In a shocking case of twist and turns Karim Benzema the French national star and Real Madrid forward has been arrested in what seems to be a case of blackmailing his former colleague .

Benzema, 27, was summoned to the police station at Versailles shortly before 9am on Wednesday morning. Afterwards the public prosecutor's office would only confirm that he was being held for questioning.

The affair centres on the alleged attempted blackmail of an international midfielder with what the French news agency AFP said was a sex tape recorded on a mobile phone.

L'Equipe said investigators wanted to establish whether a conversation between Benzema and the player during a meeting of the French national team at the beginning of October was simply friendly advice or part of the plot.
Investigators are trying determine the extent to which Benzema was aware of the intimate video featuring Valbuena, which found its way into the hands of blackmailers.

According to the source, Benzema mentioned the sex tape to Valbuena during a meeting of the French team in early October.
It is thought one of Benzema's relatives was contacted by the suspected blackmailers with a view to involving the footballer in their scheme, the source said.
Police are seeking to determine whether he was teasing Valbuena when he mentioned the tape, or trying to make him pay the blackmailers.
Benzema, 27, was heavily linked with a move to Arsenal in the summer but opted to stay at Real Madrid.

Earlier Benzima along with four members of the French national team were being investigated for their roles as clients in a prostitute ring operated inside of a Paris nightclub, with some of the women possibly being underage or transgender.Benzema was alleged to have had a sexual rendezvous with a prostitute when she was 16,her name being Zahia Dehar.

Benzima sure seems to be in hot waters for now and recent arrest will not make him any popular in his national team or amongst his fans.

He faces upto 5 years in prison which is the maximum sentence for blackmailing in France