Shillong: Scotland of the East or ‘Scot free of the beast’


The recent happenings in Shillong city have caught the attention of many people and the so called Pine City has earned quite a name for itself in present day. Thanks to the criminal activities meted against women and children!

Readers have expressed their sense of discontentment over the fact that the matrilineal system of inheritance is but a tag with no significance and value.


I for one was following keenly the happenings in Shillong with the thought that Shillong will become better day-by-day.

But each time I ended up frustrated because nothing good is really coming our way. I am talking about Shillong being the Scotland of the East.

Is this sort of tall talk? This year 2017 we started with a series of rape cases, sex trafficking cases, drug cases, murder cases you name it all. Glad that some of the perpetrators of these crimes are caught but to my utter displeasure that these culprits are not rewarded with the punishment/s they deserved.

In fact few are scot free and are roaming like beast. Hence I won't be surprise if in few months time, Shillong will be re-name as 'Scot Free of the Beast' and not 'Scotland of the East' if those in authority are doing for money and not for duty.

This letter has been contributed by Michael Makri Savio from Juniorate in Mawlai.

(The opinion is that of the writer and not that of TNT-The Northeast Today)