Shillong :DC cautions against cruelty of Animals during Bakri Eid Festival


In what may seem to be a landmark directive the East Khasi hills deputy commissioner and chairman of District Society for Prevention of Cruelty of Animals has cautioned against cruelty to Animals during the Bakr Eid festival.

It maybe mentioned that during the festival hordes of animals are transported in inhuman conditions from outside the state of Meghalaya and subjected to terrible conditions before they are slaughtered .

Most of the animals are bought in from Assam and other neighbouring states.Many NGO's and civil society members have welcomed the advisory of the DC Peter Dkhar and said that this should have been done a lot earlier.

The DC also said that  slaughter of pregnant animal with offspring less than 3 months old and slaughtering of animal within the municipal area are permissible only under the mandate of recognized authority adding further that  slaughtering of animals other than Ovines, Caprines, Suillines (Hog family) and Bovines and poultry and fish, is not permissible under the Food Safety and Standards Act and Regulation.

He warned that any unscrupulous persons carrying out illegal slaughter are in violation of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, and rules made there under, local Municipal Acts and Rules, Transport of Animals Rules 1978, Amendment Rules 2001, Slaughter House Rules 2001, Municipal Laws and Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

The advisory of the DC has been welcomed by many animal lovers and those  who celebrate in the festival as well.