Royal couple’s visit unsuccessful in terms of curbing poaching in Assam

The British High Commission has recently made a statement that the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Will and Kate to Assam in April was a tremendous success. It also stated that the royal couple are hoping to visit the state again.
However, if we take a deeper look on why they visited the state especially in terms of Kaziranga National Park, we realise that it was to eradicate the myth of medicinal rhino horns, in other words some people especially from China and Vietnam believe that rhino horns have medicinal powers to heal people from different illnesses. Their aim was to try and obliterate the incessant rhino poaching that has been on the rise as days pass by.
It is important to note that in this year itself eight rhinos were killed, one of which was killed a day before the royal couple's arrival and another one, days after their visit. It was a successful visit in terms of strengthening the historic connection between Assam and the United Kingdom (UK) but not in making a difference in trying to eradicate the poaching of wildlife and endangered animals which was the whole objective of their trip. 
Notably with poaching on the rise in Assam and police nabbing poachers just yesterday, it is important to see the efforts being made by the Nepal government which have had two whole poaching-free years. May be it is time the Assam government learn a few things from our neighbours who seem to have a hold on trying to rid of the menace which comes in the form of illegal murdering of endangered animals.
 (by Mebanaibor Nengnong)