Refreshing or Shocking ? ILP now issued in Bairabi Railway station for Mizoram


Is it shocking or a refreshing change is for everybody to decide but if reports are to be believed then Inner Line Permits will be issued to Non Tribal community at the Bairabi Railway station for people entering  Mizoram via the train.

Indian Railway has already converted the current 84 km railline from Katakhal (Assam) to Bairabi 2 km inside Mizoram.

While many locals are expressing their displeasure at this development stating that passengers taking the trains will increase more migrants and labours from neighbouring state there are many who are also calling this news as a refreshing change

'People now can come to Mizoram through Assam and this will help tourism' says Lal Peki Ralte,a tour operator from Aizawl adding that the hospitality sector will get a boost in the state.
The Inner Line Permit Counter has started at the Bairabi Rail Station by Kolasib District Deputy Commissioner H Lalengmawia, where ILP can be issued to the travellers.

The counter was established after a broad gauge train service commenced at the Bairabi station from neighbouring Assam recently.

There are detractors though who complain that if this was done to boost tourism in the state then Air connectivity would have been a better option.

'We are poorly connected by air and its the airport connectivity  which will help us get quality tourists to the state and not the railways ' says Robin Lalzuala,a student who is unsure if there are enough mechanism to check influx in the state.

ILP is issued under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulations, 1873, and all non-tribals need to have the ILP to enter parts of Northeast.Over the last few years there has been a raging debate in various parts of the region about the relevancy of such an act which was imposed by the british to protect the northeastern tribes from the mainland India.

Here are certain facts about ILP in Mizoram for first time travellers

Who requires ILP 
Domestic Tourist who want to enter Mizoram are need to have ILP.
Procedure: 2 copies of Passport size photograph for Aizawl District

  • 3 copies of Passport size photograph for other district
  • Rs 20 for Application form
  • Rs 120 for Processing fee

Fees To be Paid:

  • Rs 120
  • Rs 20/- Application form for renewal/extension
  • Rs 20/- Application Form Types of ILPs

Temporary ILP : 15 days at a time which can be extended to another 15 days / one month in exceptional cases.

Normal ILP : 6 months which can be extended for another 6 months.