Reasons why music from the 60s-80s is far better than today!


As a melancholic junkie who wishes he grew up in the 80s, I really do believe that music from the 60s-80s are way better than the music we hear today. Music of today seems far-fetched to have the same attraction it did back in the day. And in recent times, it is so obvious that when you tune in the radio or music channels on TV, you will likely hear one thing and one thing only – mainstream music, but in some way it's likeable, yeah sure, it's no secret that such music has some great tunes, catchy lyrics and this is exactly the type of music every kid who was born in the 90s grew up with.

But artistes of today seem to have forgotten the genuine components that make a truly meaningful track. Let us go back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s where lots of the bands from these eras have become internationally famous, and their music has become classic, for example, artistes like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Scorpions, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Knack, the Troggs, Rush, Pink Floyd and so many other successful bands.

The reason why all of these bands became famous was not only because they can Rock but because they had something that's hard to find today and that is real talent.

Many of the bands of the past wrote music that had real depth to it, which one could relate to. Their lyrics were meaningful, they wrote their own music, they played multiple instruments, and they didn't use auto tune or synthesizers. Using something like auto tune was considered an insult back in the day. Today it's almost on impulse, and everyone is using it so it's not much of an indignity anymore. It's more of the new regular, which is why it is obvious that some mainstream artistes of today lack the real talent of the music of the past.

Many of the lyrics of today have no real depth anymore either since the majority of mainstream artistes do not even write their own materials. Have a closer listen to the music of today, it is repetitive, and the lyrics revolve around the same typical situations, like "going to a club tonight," "Can't you hear that boom, boom –badoom, boom badoom-boom?" What does that even mean?! Not saying that it is bad but this music perhaps is great for hearing at a party, or something upbeat to hear. But when you actually want to listen to music, not sure if this is exactly what everyone is looking for.

In conclusion though not all music of today are bad. There are lots of underground bands of today – and even some mainstream- that still have the actual depth and talent in their music, to become even greater someday. But it is disappointing to see underground bands that have raw talents, real musical talent are getting less attention than popular artistes that constantly use synthesizers or have others write their songs for them.

It is an opinionated topic, but this is something for everyone to debate, be it whatever genre or era you're a fan of.

(by Mebanaibor Nengnong)

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