Ramdev to launch Jeans products,eyes markets in Northeast India


Baba Ramdev is now eyeing Northeast as a potential market for his latest brand as well as Nepal.No Baba Ramdev ,this time around is not launching an ayurvedic product but Jeans and other office wear.

Already in the Noodle market after a temporary ban on Maggi Baba Ramdev has made inroads in the Ramen sector and now eyes Jeans as a major area where he can penetrate the region.

The youth of Northeast are the most fashionable and this will be a welcome move says Rakesh Jain, a resident of Guwahati and an ardent supporter of Ramdev who swears by all his Patanjali products

Speaking to a leading national daily Ramdev said "The idea (of the apparel brand) started with some followers asking me for Patanjali yoga wear. Then we thought 'why not a whole range of dresses – Paridhaan – for everyone'? If we are fighting to bring economic independence for our country from multinationals by promoting indigenous and natural products, we should also be in the garments market."

 "We will make men's and women's wear, not just traditional Indian clothing but also modern wear like jeans for example. Just because I am a baba does not mean we cannot marry modernity with spirituality, we can make, let's say  desi jeans," said Ramdev.
Northeast will be  a major area of concentration say insiders and have plans to set up a composite factory in Bangladesh which will make the whole range of our (Patanjali) products for that country as well as the Northeast.