Raja Mirchi bombs grenades to be used by army to control protestors in Kashmir


The Kashmir problem has no end to sight and there is growing discontentment by many over excess use of pellet guns by the security forces on the protestors.

Well there now maybe a foreseeable solution to this and there is a strong Northeast angle to this problem.The Centre has announced that chilli grenades will be used in J&K along with the pellet guns. The spice being packed into the crowd dispersal grenades is 'Bhoot jolokia' or Naga Chilli – considered among the world's hottest peppers.
It is also called Raja Mirchi by many in the Northeast Region.
This chilli was first found in 2007 by Defence Research and Development Organisation's (DRDO) laboratory Defence Research Laboratory (DRL) in Tezpur's (Assam). At the time DRL was under Ravi B Srivastava.

Using the Naga chilli for military crowd control applications is DRDO's initiative.

"The idea of its use as a nonlethal weapon, as a spray for women's safety and protection from wild elephants originated from DRL," Srivastava said. "Subsequently , three DRDO laboratories including DRL, Defence Research and Development Establishment, Gwalior and High Energy Materials Research Laboratory , Pune, joined hands and developed chillibased ammunition together."

It all started with World Wildlife Fund asking the scientists to work on the problem of shooing away wild elephants that bothered the locals in Assam. Srivastava said, "Even Army camps were attacked. Once I tasted local food at someone's place and I could not forget the spice that almost burnt me.

Well this time around Raja Mirchi Bombs is being considered a better option to control protestors in Kashmir rather than the Pellet guns.