People from Northeast don’t speak Hindi and eat humans, says Delhi Policeman to JNU students


Shocking revelation have come to light after the bail of two of the JNU students Umar Khalid and Anirban Bhattarcharjee and if these allegations are true, then it would reflect the pathetic nature of the attitude of the forces towards its own people.

According to the two students who were arrested on serious charges of sedition in the aftermath of the JNU controversy the students have revealed to the media the mindset of the police who were interrogating them .

Popular newspaper The Telegraph was quoted as saying that the Delhi Police officer kept addressing his colleague from the Nagaland Armed Police as 'chinki' in front of the boys who were being interrogated .

The pathetic mindset towards the Northeastern people is clearly seen when the Delhi Police officer told Umar  not to move without permission because the 'chinkis' did not understand Hindi and they ate humans!

Ironically the Delhi Police which comes under the purview of the Union Home Ministry is looked after by Kiran Rijiju who himself is from Arunachal Pradesh and the MOS for State Home Affairs.

The views on Kashmiris were also shocking and they kept on referring the Kashmiris as 'them'.(ref huffington post )

However, the two students also stated that many of the Police personnel were sympathetic towards them and privately told them that they were against RSS but were simply following orders from the top.

"One officer told us he hated the RSS and how the organisation was anti-Dalit," Umar said in an interview after he got bail. "He said he had to do his duty of investigating us, but he actually supported us."

With these revelation coming to the fore it will remain to be seen if the Central Government under which Delhi Police comes under will undertake one of their many programs to sensitize the police towards people from the Northeast .

Or will it be another futile effort … only time will tell.

Point to be noted :To all the smart alecs of the world who accuse us of just about everything ,this story has been reported and quoted from the Telegraph and the Huffington Post.