OPINION | The Three Deaths India might witness – By Mayborn Lyngdoh R


OPINIONS | March 30:

By Mayborn Lyngdoh R

By the time people understand this I would like to hope it's not too late. As India and the world loom with the snare of the COVID-19's death hanging in the balance, we are neglecting the biggest disease of all — Indifference, Selfishness, Inhumane and Gluttony. 

We all have to die one day gentlemen but while we still have the opportunity to live, let's fight against these diseases together –

Want of Bread:

Denzil Washington once said, "If you don't read the newspapers, you're uninformed, if you do read it, you're misinformed. . . What is the long-term effect of too much information? One of the effects is to be first, not only to be true anymore".

Do we understand the extent of our effect on others just because we want to be first? In an epidemic such as this, we bombard each other with extended information that will make us stand-out from the crowd. Are they useful? Yes. But do we need it? No.


Most do not wish to understand the outcome of who might get hurt or how great an impact our overt information coupled with misinformation can have on our fellow human beings. Everyone is in for a race of their own creation; the race of being first. The race of being more right than just being right.

On the one hand, we have fake news that are represented as facts to create fear and panic. Then we have half-truths, followed by facts of exaggerated proportions and last, we have hypothetical analysis.

The Government of India has initiated a twenty-one-day lockdown, and as ordered all the states and Union Territories have followed suit. The lock-down has found many people out of work. But the immediate problem is not lack of money, but lack of food. It will not be long where people will suffer from lack of both.


The hypothetical perception has led to the belief that we are in this fight for a very long time. The rich as obvious took the first shot. Buses, pickups and trucks were loaded with food grains to stock up in case there is an outbreak.

On the one hand, we have people hoarding more than what they need while on the other we have people standing in line the entire day for 1Kg of rice. They would not be given any more than that because there is not enough for the others. How is it fair? It's about sharing. The loaded buses and trucks were never questioned because it's easier to sell in bulk than to weigh in kilograms. It's too much work for too less of the amount. How many of the people out there are unable to buy a sack full of rice? Uncountable!

There will be shortage of food. Common-man will die for want of bread. The price of vegetables and fruits will hike up uncontrollably. It was just yesterday that cabbage was sold at Rs 100 a piece. And this is just the beginning. Monopolistic markets will emerge, the rich will swim with the rich. The sad part is that there will be drains that will be filled with rotten fruits and vegetables. For how long will your refrigerators keep them fresh? The rich are killing the poor out of gluttony as they are indifferent to their agony. "Survival of the fittest".



Indian Revolution –

If the state governments are not keen on their toes, there will be bloodshed. Sooner or later the poor will come to their senses that the rich have been killing them for centuries and now they are doing it through the virus. In them, we have the creators of the virus, while on the other the irresponsible-selfish transmitters and carriers.

While returning from a foreign expedition, these "sc*ms" are taking medicines to forcefully lower the body temperature to avoid detection of the virus and then go on a rampage to take everyone else down the drain with them because they are empowered to do so.

Firstly, they bring the virus into the country. Secondly, they hoard all the food for themselves and their families leaving the poor to starve, and lastly, flights are being arranged to bring them home from wherever they are in the world. They are treated as national heroes, while common-man has to walk hundreds of kilometers just to get back home to their wife and children who are waiting for their return


He does not know whether his family is still alive or not. It has been weeks that he has not been able to go back home. What if they've starved themselves to death? Who will understand his problem?

In every sphere, common man is killed by the rich. Small fair price shops are being ordered to shut while selected business moguls are chosen for home delivery.

If we (The Government, the Rich and the Middle-class) remain short-sighted, a battle is going to rage. It would be an ugly one. In survival of the fittest – the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat, blood will be spilled.

There will be utter chaos. The men and women in arms would be left with no option but to be a part of such a crisis. Whom will they obey – Orders or Morality? Will their lathis and guns shift their aim to the ones who are really responsible or will salary and duty prevail?



Every single human will then learn to become selfish. The sense of brotherhood and comradeship will evaporate. It would not seem wrong anymore to be inhuman; the belly is hungry and rage is fuming. The idea of caste, class and state will dissolve but with it, humanity too.


When all is said and done, the virus will play the violin. The note of the last and final death will ring. No one will survive, neither the bourgeoisie nor the proletariat. Hospitals will become prayer rooms with no medicines. Doctors and nurses will have to flee. For want of treatment that is not available, the mob will become even more barbaric than what it has ever been. No one is safe. Perhaps, poetic justice. We were too busy fighting ourselves while we still had the chance.

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