OPINION | Stop the barbaric onslaught on Jessie Lyngdoh's "Kynmo"!


By Mayborn Lyngdoh R

The art of Constructive Criticism is quickly losing its shape and value. Everyone has a right to criticise (constructively), but because most of you do not understand the difference between CRITICISM & SADISM, therefore, not everyone should criticise.

Let's not even talk about ART, TALENT, HARDWORK and DEDICATION. Its clearly baseless.

Yes, we are endowed with the freedom of speech and expression; let's not misuse it. Words have consequences, and no one, absolutely no one should prostitute the right to exercise one's freedom, to purposely torment and torture anyone mentally and emotionally. Mockery has an ugly face.

To Jessie Lyngdoh,

Though you're doused with blinding loud jealous hatreds, be brave, once again drink from the cup of bruised knees, plaster them with bandages as you would when you were a kid. Get back up and come tomorrow, start running again.

We live in a society where we're dragged down the mud for being right, for being different, and for being special. Everyone you meet is so busy being insecure. Insecurity is a disease with no medicine.

You cannot cure people who are determined to be SICK.

Rangbah joit! Nang iai san, bad sa hikai iaki (khynnah shi tda) kumno ba kin burom ynda lah dei ka por. Heite u kynmo ki phi.

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