OPINION | Respect Art; Respect Local Artists By Mayborn Lyngdoh R


SHILLONG | May 16:

By Mayborn Lyngdoh R

The scripture has repeated itself over and over again. The man is nothing but a jealous creature on two legs. Cain cannot stand the sight of Able thriving and being favoured for his obedience. He killed his own brother out of jealousy.

A few days ago, a YouTube account "Eva Yan Picture Productions" managed by Kong Simi Khongthiang and her husband was suspended, and the account was removed from the same. It is not normal for YouTube to suspend an account provided there is an infringement of the policies. It is suspected that the account was hacked and meddled by hollowed pathetic individuals.

Kong Simi is a renowned director who has toiled day and night for the last five years or so to etch substance into the Film industry.

She has also directed 18 films over the years. Some of them are "Skop" (2008), "Da Theh lut 1 and 2", "Iung U Sleak" (2017), "Thong Iong Nga" (2017).

Some good-for-nothing sorry excuse of a human being/beings trying to take away the hardwork of an Artist is not just fair. The hacker is logging in and out of the account at will to mentally torment the artist. It sounds more like a personal vendetta.

But isn't it always like that in Meghalaya? When someone is on the road to success, it suddenly becomes a personal vendetta. Sadly, in our state, legit Artists have always been attacked – Writers are either plagiarised or discredited, Painters and the likes are not respected, authentic singer-songwriters are pushed to the shadows and called names while cover-artists are hailed as talented, and last local actors are mocked, humiliated, and embarrassed.

We are a society that discourages the truth. Most of us are so obsessed with everything foreign. We are yet to learn how to appreciate something of our own. If only we have the hearts of the Mizos, with the amount of true talent that we have, we'd be among the stars.

When it comes to Art, every single artist sacrifices their entire being into making what the mind perceives to become a reality. Yes, artists do look to make money from it, it's their job. But money is always secondary. We have an emotional connection attached to it.

It's okay if you do not like them. It's okay if you do not support them. Don't appreciate their artistic masterpieces. Don't go watch their films or buy their paintings. Ignore their writeups. Don't even buy their books or share their links to your friends if you feel like you are making a huge contribution to their success.

Art will thrive even with people like you because not everyone is like you. You're the cancer that will soon be eradicated. Our people are healing from the old dogmatic shallowness, but some Neanderthals are still living in our midst.

But what is not okay is when you condemn them for their works while at the same time hypocritically stealing their hardwork to either make it look like your own or to just demotivate them till they are crushed and motivated no more. Artists are sensitive. They attach their souls into their works. No one has the right to snatch away the success that they have dedicated their whole life to.

I personally applaud all the young upcoming local artists, particularly the actors and filmmakers who have been disrespected but dared to still strive. You guys are brave, and inspiring.

When the account was hacked, Kong Simi was not robbed off alone but along with her the myriad artists that have contributed into making one of the most popular songs, "Ka Chithi" a success – the singers, dancers, make-up artist, the DJ, the drivers that drove them to the different locations, and the entire team in the background that have put their blood and sweat over the years, and worked so hard to make it a success, not to mention the other noteworthy films, music videos, and the artists involved in the process.

What happened to the director is an attack on ART not just the Artist.

But be brave fellow artist, for thieves cannot thrive for too long. An artist will live with more magnificent pieces, but thieves will perish. Poetic justice will prevail.

Art is too beautiful to be blindly tarnished by blinded serpents. Art cannot die. Art is immortal. The man is only a vacuum source through which Art is carried through. The artist is the instrument, stand firm. Pain will inspire you differently. Rise from the ashes like the phoenix and show them that Art cannot and should not be taken for granted.

Respect Art!
We stand with ART, we stand with YOU.

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