OPINION | Karnataka election results show voters unhappy with neither BJP nor Congress



Election-results of Karnataka state-assembly establish beyond doubt that voters are neither ready to forgive sins of Congress nor are happy with continuing wrong policies of present BJP government at the centre. BJP which came to power with anticipation of a party-with-a-difference, proved itself to be like other political parties notorious for politics of opportunism with persons like Naresh Agrawal admitted only for a single MLA vote for one crucial Rajya Sabha seat. BJP gave party-tickets to some notorious fellows even though some of them could win due to money-power. Necessity of snatching of important portfolios from some ministers on eve of counting of votes for Karnataka assembly proves that even top BJP leaders are aware of annoyance of people on working of their party and the government.

Sonia Gandhi preferred son to national interest when she crowned unacceptable Rahul Gandhi as party-President. More regrettably JD(S) emerges in form of king-maker which is a position nothing but of a black-mailer. Who so ever may form government, people are at loss. Nation foresees a dark future in coming years when their expectations are not to be fulfilled by any party in present faulty poll-system. Only massive consolidated poll-reforms now pending for decades can pave way for an honest political system much-much required for a healthy and ideal democracy. Reforms should be implementable in 2019 elections to Lok Sabha.

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