Opinion | Being a Politician’s Child


OPINION | July 21, 2019 

Politics is a game where the participation of candidates depend on survival of the fittest, a benefit for the winners and a loss for the non-achievers. The dignitaries are often categorized as "elites and respectful" through the looking glass of the world.

Their actions, whether right or wrong, make headlines in different media houses providing juicy details. Since they have different connections, most of the mishaps and errors are contorted and concealed from the public eye and societal norms. Even if misdemeanour or illegal actions are committed by their children, the pros of the political power prevail.

The maintenance of a political home is never considered an easy task. Everyone is required to be amiable, accommodating and hospitable. Even the pet dogs are expected to exhibit a smile and shut off their antics. A smile has to be shown at all times, amidst mood swings and temper loss and sometimes the attitude of the children depend on how they are raised with the morals and ethics they received.

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Some show off with a materialistic perception of boasting their parents' social stature in society, usually the ones who carry the entitlement of being a Minister or a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), as if they themselves are the ones who sit on the chair.

In such circumstances, if their actions are against the laws, they have the audacity to say, 'Don't you know who my father is? You can't mess with me." The law doesn't apply to them, is that it?

But I am not saying that all politicians' children are like that. There are some who are humble, who want to remain in the shadows.

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One has to be fully alert and aware in the political world. Since politicians are public figures, the action of their kids are observed under scrutiny by the public. The bigger picture is that mistakes cannot be avoided as nobody is perfect, but words can spread in a swift manner like a wild fire.

Reckless use of technology plays a crucial role in defaming someone as embarrassing and outrageous moments can be easily detected through social media. Sometimes, a politician's name is dragged unnecessarily just because of the wrong doings of his/her son or daughter. It is wise to observe first, think thoroughly with a proper conception.


When it comes to political dynasty, in a long line of a family that has a profound political background, it is expected that the mantle is passed on from one generation to another. Often, the children are suspected to follow their parent's footsteps, they have every right to chase their own dreams.

Having said that, I think it is best for everyone, including the politician's child to learn the value of respect, independence and the ability to tread the road of life without being subjected to any kind of society or family pressures.

(Written by a student on the condition of anonymity).

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