Old Wine in a New Bottle | Here is what Meghalaya expects from the new Government


From Our Correspondent

Tura, March 6, 2018

As the new government took oath today- March 6, the day was marked by numerous hopes and expectations of the people resting on the shoulders of the ministers who took oath on this day. The new government, led by the National People's Party (PP) chief, Conrad K Sangma (who is also the Tura MP) has a huge amount of expectations from the people who hope things will only get better in time for the state.

The aspirations for the people however remain the same – roads, basic necessities, employment, education among the same mundane demands that through decades is yet to be met by quick to promise politicians.

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"We want this new government to be free of nepotism and of course the VVIP racism present among them," said one S N Marak when asked about his expectations.

"I don't know what to expect but I am hoping the issue of employment is tackled effectively," said Pritam Marak of Tura.

A resident of Tura but working in an MNC in Bangalore, Karnataka, Raju Dey felt that the water problems in the Tura Bazaar areas needed immediate attention.

"I wish the government does something about the water shortage in Tura. Inspite of being blessed with heavy rains every year, common people do not have drinking water. Most of the water flows down the drain from leaking pipes," said Raju.

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A policeman on the condition of anonymity had this to say about his expectations. "I just hope the new CM does not make us wait on the road to provide him security at every point and in every district. The entire district force should not wait, without working on any other case just because he is passing by the district," said the police officer.

"I am concerned about the state of education and of the teachers. Teachers who have been teaching for over a decade are yet to have their service regularized and work on contractual basis. Also scholarships for the students should be issued shortly," said one Walseng Sangma from Resubelpara.

"I hope that militancy is controlled in Garo Hills as the tourism sector can then take off. With tourism, employment, to an extent can also be taken care of. I also hope that the new government stresses on organic farming and makes the state an organic farming state," felt one Mautushi Das.

Roads across the state came in for special mention with many asking for the immediate repair of untraversable roads in the Garo Hills region.

"NH 51, 62, AMPT road as well as many such peripheral roads needs immediate upliftment to ease the pains of the people of that particular region. This was something that was promised and is something that we are praying the new government will deliver to the people," said one SR Sangma.

In short, not much has changed in terms of what people desire- It's the same old aspiration but from a new government which can be equated to an old wine in a new bottle. Only time will tell, however whether the expectations are rested on able shoulders or will they also be burdened down by the anonymity of unsaid deeds and actions.