Of clean Shillong & unclean habits: So much so for ‘Scotland of the East’ tag


~~~ By Natasha Dkhar

Shillong July 28,2017: Well many might question the imposition of Section 133 CRPC in Golf links and Police Bazar area due to incessant littering, but it's high time that such rules are imposed in our city.

Indiscriminate dumping of garbage's can be seen in and around the city as well as outskirt areas, people are littering to the heart's content. So the question is why do people lack civic sense or is it just an act of negligence. If people like Nangjop Thabah and Silent Clean Campaign can take initiatives of doing their bit in providing a helping hand towards cleaning the society why not us?

As we can see the inflow of tourists to our state is tremendous especially in the past few weeks. But what is sad is that these people litter everywhere and why is that happening? Because proper rules and regulations are not implemented for tourists to follow. If places like Mawkdok, Umiam View point, Cherrapunji view point etc all have certain rules then unabated littering will not take place. It is not the fault of the tourist but a set of rules need to be imposed in the area. Why don't the government employ tourist police in various places? These tourist police can keep check on the cleanliness of the area, parking spaces, monitor the shopkeepers and keep a vigil look on the maintenance of the area. This suggestion will not only curb down the problem but also generate employment for youths. But however these tourist police too, need to follow certain rules otherwise they might end up moral policing and show their might to the people.

A campaign by Nangjop Thabah

Schools, Colleges, Universities all play an important role in bringing a change in the society as well. If every institution once a month carries out a cleaning drive not only will it benefit the society but individually too. Instead of the old age class of SUPW, at least a cleaning or plantation of a tree drive should take place. Creative classes are needed but it can always go hand in hand with the other initiative. Student bodies, organizations, councils too should take initiatives apart from their daily curriculum to organise seminars and cleaning drives in and around the state. Rather than taking a study tour once a year instead should take up initiative once in two months to go visit all the busy hubs of the city and the state as well and provide a helping hand to clean these places and proper segregation of wastes to be utilized.

The Municipal bodies should also tie up with these institutions for proper functioning of the work.Waste can be utilized in so many ways and proper disposal area should be implemented. Localities and Dorbar Shnongs too should keep a strict check on littering.

This is not about making a change in one day but it should include in our day to day activities, everyone can do a bit rather than thinking 'Oh why should I do that, I did not litter', it's understandable that innate human nature is always there but can we change that perception? Well yes we can.We don't need a mission to take us forward but if we have the will to do it then no one can stop us. For once before we litter a sweet packet or dump garbage let us think twice whether we are giving Mother Earth back what we deserve to get in return.

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