No confidence move against speaker by opposition,is it a move to oust Mukul Sangma ?


The opposition for the second time in a year is moving for a no confidence motion against the speaker AT Mondol.

The Assembly session is due to start on the 9th of September .

In a letter letter expressing lack of confidence in the Assembly Speaker was submitted to the Assembly Secretariat and will likely be taken in the Assembly session.

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The actual move will be to oust Mukul Sangma as removal of the speaker would make him extremely vulnerable .This was the same strategy which was used in Arunachal Pradesh when a deputy speaker conducted Assembly session after the governor had paved the way by conducting a session in a conference room .

Ofcourse in Meghalaya a more traditional route is likely to be taken.Removal of the speaker will ensure that the numbers no longer would be with the Chief Minister said one opposition leader.

Officially though the reason for the removal of AT Mondol maybe because of the short duration of the Assembly session which is about 5 days .

Earlier Sanbor Shullai had resigned as deputy speaker to preempt the opposition when a similar no confidence motion was moved in march of last year.

That post is yet to be filled up as well.