Nepal:The curious case of PM Prachanda and his Political flip flops


1)In the 70s, Pushpa Kamal Dahal was socialised into viewing India as the enemy ironically he was working for US Aid and his brother  Dr Ganga Ram Dahal was a student in Reading United Kingdom

2)In the 90s and early 2000s, he planned a bunker war against India while living underground in Indian cities.

3)From 2005 to 2008, he was grateful to India for enabling his participation in open politics and peace process.

4)In 2009, he was furious India blocked his move to oust the army chief and launched a campaign on nationalism against Indian intervention.Prachanda tries to move closer to China. He reportedly made some secret visits to China and inspired Chinese firms to invest in Nepal's infrastructure and energy projects

5)After realising that he needs India and cannot ignore the historical ties In 2011, he decided to collaborate with India again.

6)In early 2013, he followed Indian advice to nominate CJ as election govt head. By the end of the year, he felt India had trapped him, and had even plotted the dissolution of the first Constituent Assembly.

7)In 2014, he was thrilled with Modi for supporting a consensus based constitution.

Bicycle rickshaws, Thamel District, Kathmandu, Nepal

8)In 2015, he rebuffed Modi's special envoy and said it was too late to stop the constitution process. Nepalis would rather travel on bicycles than accept foreign diktats.

9)And in 2016, he listened to Indian advice and broke away from K P Oli to become Nepal's PM.