Naming Gaurav Gogoi a CM candidate a plan to create confusion amongst the Congress


With Assam Assembly elections hardly six months away, a senior minister in the Congress government in the state has said chief minister Tarun Gogoi's son Gaurav Gogoi – currently a Lok Sabha member – would be the best choice for the party to project as a chief ministerial candidate.

Even though he may have been showered with some moving statements such as "Gaurav Gogoi is a brilliant star, he understands politics and is of amiable disposition", the latter is not happy about this at all.


This statement has been looked upon by analysts as a strategic move to bring about dissidence in a party that is fighting to stay aloof. Many term it as a push orchestrated by BJP alone.

Congress as a party has had a history of not allowing dynasty rule in any of their terms.  APCC president, Anjan Dutta has also made it pretty clear that it was up to the legislature party after the election to elect its leader if Congress wins the next election. The high command has always has a clear role in the process.

BJP has been accused by many of purposely sowing seeds of dissidence knowing very well that the slightest of turmoil in the Congress camp could crumble things. They now have to resort to strategies unheard of if they wish to attain success in the goal towards 'Mission 84' that they set for themselves!

Gaurav Gogoi is a new entrant and like many others, he has to prove himself worthy before we see him leading from the front. Moreover, one cannot forget the Congress policy of never announcing leaders prior to elections.

There are speculations that this statement by an overzealous minister maybe an attempt to create further confusion within the party .Hemanta Biswa Sarma,once the blue eyed boy of Tarun Gogoi left the party on the grounds that Gaurav Gogoi and not the Chief Minister was running the state .'This statement by Chandan Sarkar is consistent with what BJP has been saying and does the young MP more harm than anything ' said one such Congress insider.

Many in the Assam state circle have ruled out a possibility of the young MP joining state politics anytime soon ,'we did not allow Jagan to become the CM after YSR in Andhra Pradesh so the question of Gaurav does not arise ' said one Legislator adding further that this was not in the Congress culture to announce a CM before an election .

Whatever said and done one thing is sure Chandan Sarkar's statement may have done more harm to his own party than good ,only time will tell if this statement was a sign of pure sycophancy or an well orchestrated move by him at the behest of the BJP to stop Gaurav Gogoi .