Nagaland:Can a financially burdened state justify 86 crore’s for the Chief Minister residential Complex ?


There is a saying that with great powers comes even greater responsibilities but in the murky world of Northeast Politics perhaps  with great power comes even greater opulence may be a good adage .A few years ago The Meghalaya Chief Minister went to great lengths to explain that the Chief Minister's bungalow cost him about 10 crores out of which about one crore was spent on renovation of the old existing building.

This spending which was largely criticised by many in the media is nothing to what Nagaland is estimated to be spending for their Chief Minister .

The  14-acre plot of land in which consists of  CM's residential complex ,building for the office, a VVIP guest house, State Banquet Hall, 47 units of staff quarters, barracks for security personnel and drivers, security fencing, road constructions, retaining walls, foot paths etcetera has cost the state a whopping 56 crores .

But it does not end there as there allegedly  Rs 31.09 crore pending for the second phase of the work.

M/S NN Construction & Décor, Nagaland have been given the contract to finish this work  which is supposed to be completed by the end of the year.

Lately while many state governments have been complaining about the lack of funds there has been an abnormal expenditure in the personal expenses of the state in fields which should not be of priority .

Assam Government too is in the dock for spending 1.5 crores a day for 10 days (approx 15 crores) to Priyanka Chopra to promote Tourism in the state in a time when the state is reeling from floods.

Nagaland which has a bad track record in paying state government employees salaries and is continuously asking for the centre for funds too have been accused of not being prudent enough and prioritising their expenditure.