Mukul Sangma gets emotional says GNLA has personally targeted him and people of Ampati


In a rare display of emotion Mukul Sangma spoke extempore how he was being unfairingly targetted by certain vested interests.

In an unprecedented display of character the opposition withdrew the No confidence motion with the speaker himself saying that he has not come across an NC being was withdrawn in the past.

Opposition leader Basaiawmoit also made it clear that the intention of the NC was not to topple the government but to bring to the notice of the government the problems afflicting the state.

In a 6 hour long debate Mukul Sangma said that people of Ampati had shown courage under extreme pressure after the GNLA only called a Bandh in his constituency and spared other parts of Garo Hills.

It was then an emotional Mukul Sangma told the people of his constituency to remain firm and unshaken.

With the NC motion being withdrawn  the government hopes to see that the next coming days of the state will be more productive and not be in news for political bickerings.