December is all about Hornbill and Nagaland


'In Nagaland we don't listen to rock and Metal because its cool – we do it cause its in the DNA of keep the spirit of Rock N Roll,So in December we just want to have a nice time' – A student from Nagaland University on being asked why Hornbill organisers should spend so much money when state is suffering from an acute financial crunch?

Sounds like something is amiss here but the truth is that Nagaland is gearing up for its biggest event and unlike any other similar events – this festival is 100% local and guess what (most) people are not complaining here.

Shillong has been the flavour of the year (atleast so far) with all the media and glitz souurounding the picturesque hill station of Meghalaya.From Submerge to NH7 to the Rock On 2 team taking centrestage Shillong has been the flavour of the month.The ITM may have drawn ire from certain quarters and rightfully so but no one can question the intent and the goodwill generated outside the state(alas so called Left pseudos will always be bitter) ,but for all reason Shillong has been in the news for almost all the right reasons.

But come December an odd Firehouse show apart in Jowai- it is all about Hornbill and Nagaland .Yes Nagaland which has seen a year where things from economy to government have had its share of instability will finally rejoice this year yet again – only it gets bigger and better.

World famous act such as Halloween (Yes its them from the 80's and 90's) will take on the region and if grapevine is to be believed then the band is much tighter and better than any of the bands which we have heard recently.

Unlike in other states where some people are quite worried about expenditure the Naga's do not seem to care about the state expenditure when it comes to the Hornbill festival .Apart from hosting Halloween , a tribute band of ABBA will also grace the show.Apart from this an Aussie band called Big Jumanji & The Coathangers – which hail from Australia will also figure in a contest which has bands from Run Pussy Run – Pune Helium Heart – Siliguri ,Feudal Accent – Darjeeling ,Shred XXX – Kolkata ,The Buddha,Therapy – Kolkata ,Ron & Me – Kolkata ,Foot Wings – New Delhi ,Estorica – Kolkata ,Frost – Kolkata ,Grey Shack – Bangalore ,October – New Delhi ,Daira – Mumbai ,Reverse Tragedy – Mizoram , Fame The Band – Meghalaya ,Retro Sonic – Shillong ,The Lynx – Meghalaya , Ambush – Karbi Anglong ,2 Square – Assam , Crystal And The Witches – Sikkim ,The Gluttones – Nagaland ,Tune Up Channel – Nagaland , Monkey Fingers – Nagaland ,Sunep Ensemble Band – Nagaland ,Rune Legacy – Nagaland will feature in this contest .The winner of this year's edition will win a cash award of Rs. 10 lakh, while the 1st runners-up and 2nd runners-up will also fetch prize money of Rs. 5 lakh and Rs 2.5 lakh respectively.
Attractive prizes (not cash) have also been set aside for winners of individual categories- Best vocalist, Best guitarist, Best keyboardist, Best drummer and Best bassist.

Halloween on its part will hit the stage on the 7th of December – tickets are cheap and unlike certain other festival this one is designed for the Fans.

And as one youth put is perhaps aptly to skeptics – 'for NH7 Weekender in Shillong Bacardi sponsored them amongst so many – for Hornbill no Big Private companies come up so the Government will have to share the responsibility as its there duty ' well said – though we all hope the Government expands its share of responsibility to other key areas as well .