Monika Khangembam case: Victim defends self, asks inquiry team to release videos

SHILLONG: Soon after the findings of an internal inquiry conducted by the Bureau of Immigration into a case of racial discrimination stated that the victim hailing from Manipur, Monica Khangembam "misunderstood the entire episode", a post from the victim has emerged in which she stands by her earlier statement alleging discrimination being meted out to her by the official in the immigration desk on racial lines.
"If the inquiry team is so sure that there was nothing racist about the conversation than I kindly urge them to make the audio/video public. I am not ignorant nor a child to have 'misunderstood' the entire conversation," Khangembam stated.
She mentioned that the Government should not look into the case as an 'isolated incident' but rather see the institutional racism predominant in the country.
Khangembam, who was travelling to Seoul, South Korea, had posted on her Facebook post on July 9: "The bloody racist immigration desk at it again! Looks at my Passport and says, "Indian toh nahi lagti ho". I get that all the time so don't react much to it but then he goes on, "Pakka Indian ho?" with a smirk. I still don't react. What really got me was when he said, See… You yourself need to know your Indianness. How many States are there in India?"
Khangembam added that she found the whole questioning unusual and out of context. "Does it make sense just quizzing me about that out of the blue without any prior conversation or context? Why would someone randomly quiz on your GK. He was being just sarcastic and condescending. Would he have asked it to someone who doesn't have a flat nose, tiny eyes? I was told that I stood there for 4 minutes so all that he asked for 4 minutes was about my neighbouring states?", Khangembam questioned adding that there was no law under which she could even file a proper complaint.
(TNT News)