MLA Angoorlata won fair and square. Not because ‘hot’!  


Images of Mrs. Ronzulli, an MEP from Italy who took her tiny daughter, Vittoria to a vote at Strasbourg has been doing the rounds on social media for months now. Comments range from "wow" to "aww".

I guess that means women who don't compromise on their motherly duties while pursuing a profession serving the public are a tribe that are admirable.

I am however, left wondering if the same people who shared Mrs. Ronzulli's picture would find her admirable enough if they realised that she probably wears a swimsuit at the beach, wears shorts when she runs her chores or pops in the neighbourhood salon to get her hair done…

Because apparently being "hot or attractive" is not so admirable when you are a public servant!

Or so new MLA from Assam, Angoorlata Deka will confirm.

Trollers on social media and headlines like "Hottest Woman MLA" and "Meet the BJP MLA who is famous for her Beauty" only reinforce the point!

Assam's MLA Agoorlata Deka from the BJP is causing waves in social media. Unfortunately not because she is one of the six women whom BJP gave tickets to in Assam, or because she  defeated Congress candidate and ruling MLA Goutam Bora from Batadroba constituency, a minority dominated seat, by a margin of close to 6,000 votes or because she was one of the two women who won.

Pictures of Angoorlata Deka from her past as a model and as an acclaimed actress in Assamese films have been doing the rounds with trollers claiming she won because of her looks and 'idiots' celebrating the "changing face" of Indian politics or rather politicians. Bollywood Director, Ram Gopal Verma joined the bandwagon and one of his twitter posts reads "If MLA can look like this,Achche din aagaye hai..Thank you Angoorlataji, Thank you Modiji…1st time I love politics".

Shame! Shame!

Looking at what's going on in social media, I wonder if I belong to the minority or the silent majority who assume that voters from the constituency of Batadroba only voted for Angoorlata for her looks.

Given that we already live in a country where female infanticide, child brides, the system of dowry, and rapes prevail…we can now add to the 'list of shame' and conclude that women who have modelled or are actresses or are good-looking are not welcome as public servants. Women who have worn short skirts ever in their lives win elections because of the length of their skirts. Women who have danced in the rain win because of their wet clothes. Women…well, it's a country where you will be just a woman. Nothing more.

Let us please give the lady her due…unless of course, we accept that media just like most areas of influence these days remains chauvinistic.

(TNT Desk)