Mizoram: The ‘fiery’ Lanka of India


India, what do you think of Mizoram? Do you – the India – think that Mizoram is a dumping place for Governors like former Governor K Sankaranarayanan of Maharastra who ran away due to his fear of landing on Mizoram, and former Governor Kamla Beniwal who was transferred from Gujarat to Mizoram hardly just for a month?

What is Mizoram to Prime Minister of IndiaNarendra Modi ? Is Mizoram the Lanka of India, where Rama and his younger brother went for exile? Do Indians who are ready to work in such high constitutional positions like Governor, think that Mizoram's Raj Bhawan is a sub standard and low class aura and status compared to their same counterpart, constitutionally speaking, like Raj Bhawan of Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu?

What a shame to witness that Mizoram and the North East India are still openly considered by such personalities of constitutional office bearer to be a worthless place even to become Governor in the states of the region. May the Governors of the remaining part of India be enlightened by the idea of India which is a failed idea without the idea of the North East India. Wake up all the Governors of the remaining part of India. Wake up Prime Minister's Office.

May the Prime Minister's Office start sending officers from the remaining parts of India to the North East India and also the officers of the North East India to the remaining parts of India, where the young country Bharat encounters National Integration which happens only in our Sainik School's day's National Integration Camp through National Cadets' Corps.

Yours humbly,

A strong nationalist Indian Bharatiya from Imphal, Manipur.