Mizoram shocked after 3 cases of Rape and brutal murders reported in matter of days


Mizoram is in a state of shock after 3 cases of Murder and most likely rape in the last few days .

In a shocking case , a woman and her five-year-old son were found dead inside their house at South Khawlek village in southern Mizoram's Lunglei district on Monday morning.

This comes after two women were brutally murdered in a paddy field near the Chhuarlung hamlet in Saiha district of Mizoram last night, near the Indo-Myanmar border of the state.

Two women, Elizabeth (28) and Sidey (60) of Chhuarlung hamlet were found killed in a hut near their rice. In what appeared to be a case of rape, Elizabeth was found in a naked state, with her arms tied behind, fractured neck and several injuries on the back of her head and forehead. Her head was covered with 'thlangra', a bamboo tray for sifting and winnowing grain and she was repotedly killed by using a machete. The elder women was found dead in the fields nearby. Her body too bore the mark of multiple injuries.

In the case of Suilianmawii the Police have said she and her five-year-old son were most likely murdered at around 10pm on Sunday night.
A  suspect Isaak Lalremruata has been  detained by the locals and was later arrested. Police did not rule out the possibility of Suilianmawii being murdered after being raped.
Suilianmawii's husband Cheuva was away from home when the incident took place, police said.

With the rising cases against women in the state there is growing concern in the civil society that once considered an oasis of peace Mizoram needs to crack down on criminals and sensitise the public at large about rights and security of the women in the state.