Mizoram ban’s political speeches in colleges but what about Religious sermons then ?


The Mizoram government has issued an order prohibiting politicians from delivering lectures on political issues in colleges and universities of the state. The order was issued after the heads of the opposition parties, MNF and ZNP, Zoramthanga and Lalduhawma, delivered lectures in colleges across the state.

In a democracy where it has become fashionable to belittle politicians the move by the state government was initially lauded by all sections of the society .

But after the ban has come to effect there is a growing sense of discontentment amongst a growing number of intellectuals as well.The question being if should religion and politics altogether be done away with in educational sector .

The order stated that such lectures upset students and disturb the environment in colleges and also notified teachers in government colleges to refrain from inviting politicians to deliver lectures adding that teachers who disobey the order would be penalized.

A government official also said that mixing politics amongst the students was not a good idea.

But now many are questioning that if Politics and Education is a bad idea what would it be if religious leaders come and give lectures to students as well.

Should not religion just like politics be kept away from the educational sector?

In a state where the church plays a big role in monitoring the role of politicians and political parties such a ban could have a cascading effect to many.

While many are lauding the move of the state to ban the politicisation of educational education the same example can be made of religious sermons .

The Congress party which spoke about the freedom of expression and speech in the Rohit Vemula incident and the JNU controversy are now doing the same in their own backyard.