Meghalaya:Shocking -Man rapes daughters for months together, pardoned by clan members


In a shameful incident which shatters the Myth that women are respected within the state of Meghalaya , it has come to light that a man had been molesting his daughter for months together and the family members as well as the Mahari's (clan members) tried to brush the incident under the carpet.

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Mithunjoy Marak, 40 has been arrested for allegedly raping two minors – a six-year-old and thirteen-year-old both are his daughters.

The incident had taken place in Kharkutta in North Garo hills,Meghalaya.

It is believed that the mother endured the rape of her 13 year old daughter for months together but finally gave up when she found out that Marak was also now raping his 6 year old daughter.

It is believed that the clan members had attempted to compromise the incident and even earlier had pardoned Marak for raping his 13 year old daughter .

The accused is under police custody .Meghalaya which has the third highest rape cases reported in Northeast after Assam and Tripura has been often termed by many as a society which empowers and respects women but these growing incidents show that this may be an exaggeration .

Many people state that most of these incidents are brushed under the carpet by traditional leaders and societies and the women have to live with the humiliation that the perpetrator is moving around free from any guilt or conviction.