Meghalaya: Where the famous Shillong ‘Alu Muri’ has become a concern of health and hygiene


Shillong is increasingly becoming a home of "junk and fast foods" as we see many makeshift outlets dishing out food and people, especially the younger generation, gluttonously eating what are considered to be injurious to their health.

Canteens in some of the educational institutions are even selling these "junk foods." What constitutes junk food is also a grey area. Aerated drinks, crisps, burgers, soft drinks and chips  are considered as junk foods not to speak of the poisonous "alu-muri" and "puchka."

The local delicacy called Alu Muri is a source of great delight not only for Shillongites but for anybody who comes to Shillong and tries their tastebuds with the spicy, tangy flavour of the snack. A favourite among not only school and college students, but also among adults and young professionals, Alu Muri is often an excuse for a get together between friends and family alike.

However, in the recent past, there have been issues regarding the manner in which the snack was prepared pertaining to the health issues as well as the food safety norms followed by the Alu Muri Walahs. A recent video of an Alu Muri maker using the water from the drains for the snack preparation rocked social media that led to people questioning the health and hygiene aspect related to this snack.


This video was not taken well with the local savourers who were left disheartened after watching the video. It may be mentioned that many Alu Muri sellers do follow safety norms by making use of proper plastic gloves, containers and clean water with well covered apparatus for the edibles used. However, it may be also be brought to notice that there are many others who still do not care about the cleanliness aspect and continue to violate the norms set up by the authorities. This is not only about making a living through selling goods, but also a matter of social responsibility on the part of the sellers who put the health of many consumers at stake by not following clean practices.

-TNT News