Meghalaya: So much to eat but none to feed- the fate of stray dogs


Stray dogs are seen by many as a menace, those who scavenge places, roam around and often bite people when provoked. Many have become programmed to think that way, to consider them as a menace, to abstain from feeding them, leave alone playing with them. And for some like the self here who chose to do away with the irrelevant stereotype ,  often in our quest for affection and love from these innocent creatures, we get bitten by them and regret later for being overly friendly with these helpless strays.

Living their lives day to day in search of food, plying the streets and narrow lanes, getting fed by some who truly care though only for a day, these vagabonds are in constant fear for their lives. They may be shouted at, beaten and often killed- sometimes for their meat and at other times, just for the fun of it by the superior one in the food chain.

Amidst the constant chaos and confusion that these strays live through, it often leaves me wondering, "why is it that despite the fact that we see so many cafes, food joints and restaurants coming up every half-a- kilometre in Shillong ahead of us, there is also a stray dog scavenging the streets in search of food! what an irony!"

There ought to be a method, a system whereby the waste food is collected from all the food joints and eateries by some people to be feed to the strays so that at least they do not die of starvation. But the oh so superior race is too busy filling his belly that he turns an ignorant eye to the sad eyes' on the streets asking for nothing but some food to eat and shelter to sleep.

And then as if these were not enough, there are the dog meat eaters! The kind doers who believe in controlling the menace of dogs, stray dogs that is, by killing them for their flesh. I wonder what satisfaction do they get by consuming their lean, thin bodies who would most probably have starved before breathing their last!

And then, there are the 'picture-perfect' good-doers who believe in standing for the cause of animal rights less, but publicizing themselves more on the social media media platforms where volunteers on facebook be like " A day to remember- come one come all for the cause of animal rights'. And the same person will most probably be seen eating his chicken burger with some hungry stray passing by under his very nose.

There is no dearth of good doers, true. But there definitely is a great dearth of noble hearts who believe in keeping up the spirit of love and compassion for these voiceless animals, by volunteering themselves and to put them at the forefront for these silent strays, who, I am sure would have taken care of themselves had they been able to do so!

Shweta Raj Kanwar

(The opinions expressed in the article are those of the writer's own and TNT- The Northeast Today may not necessarily hold the same views)